Samsung UN46D6400 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black)

Samsung introduces UN46D6400 as a television with the mission and capabilities are more than just entertainments complement your home. Advanced technology managed to make a new breakthrough with stylish modern theme. Features contained in it will give you an amazing experience as a connoisseur of television, maybe even just a few of them can be found on the Samsung UN46D6400 as the special features.


Cinema-quality 3D experience

As television which also retains full control the Internet connection, a more perfect when matched with the technology that up with the times. 3-D TV adds new depth and dimension to create larger than life experience. Active sync with the 3D glasses 3D TV to produce a 3D image the almost jumps off the screen. So what you see on television, both of DVD movies or the Internet will become more real and interesting to watch further.


Slim and Stylish LED HDTV

Not difficult to put this TV in the room. design of ultra-thin panels add visual appeal, making it displays almost all screen, and displayed anything become increasingly widespread because the design gives more space on the screen and reduce the size of the frame. While LED backlighting not only more energy efficient than their CCFL, allowing for slimmer TV designs, allowing UN46D6400 to check in at just more than one in inches without the stand.


Auto Motion Plus 120Hz with Clear Motion Rate

Technology directs this feature to reduce the risk of blurring when watching television. Because usually it happens when watching action movies and sports, but this technology eliminates image blur by calculating and inserting it, creating a non-repetitive transition from one frame to the next. Blur is almost eliminated and improved clarity, to smooth, live motion.


Exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards

The UN46D6400 taps into the energy efficiency of LED backlighting, and exceeds the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy by up to 50% (which usually the other one just reach up to 30%). It means you get lower utility costs, and a smaller carbon footprint.


Wide Color Enhancer Plus and Ultra Clear Panel in a packaged

Wide Color Enhancer Plus will provide the entire spectrum of color and lighting for rich, saturated images with intense detail. Because in the process, after analyzing each pixel, it stretches them to their 3-dimensional limit. While the Ultra Clear Panel eliminates reflection work, increase the contrast ratio, and create a comfortable environment seen by absorbing ambient light.


Smart TV with Samsung Apps

This is one of the advantages that are not owned by television producer other than Samsung. This special application provides many entertainment options are added. The UN46D6400 features Samsung’s Smart Hub, a simple menu system to connect features. Easily search for movies, shows and videos via online services and connected devices, browsing the web from your TV, chatting with friends, and access a wide range of applications from Samsung Apps.

Samsung Apps is a growing collection of applications built specifically for your TV; connect you to your favorite digital content such as videos, sports, games, social networks, and more. Can be said that this is a large scale from a smartphone, the following functions and technologies.


There are many more interesting things that would be obtained on the Samsung UN46D6400. And in conclusion, this television can fulfill your entertainment needs in a complete, optimized, and the maximum which always in accordance with any circumstances.

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