Before Buying 3D Glasses for Your Children

You all know now there is a way more fun to watching TV, which is the move from 2D to 3D movies. Because when we watch the films, we will feel the sensation and we seemed to be in it. But if you want to feel the sensation, you need to have 3D glasses. The 3D glasses are very important role in the 3D home theater viewing.

The 3D active glasses transferring the correct image to the eye it was intended to. The 3D glasses are completely thing you should have and that is a pair for watching with the 3D HDTV. If the place does not fit with the frame HDTV, viewers will be a headache and dizziness when watching 3D TV, or perhaps also because of the 3D glasses that do not fit when in use.

These are 6 Facts before buying 3D glasses

Size of 3D glasses
If you have children, teen or youth at home they will need their own size of 3D glasses
Not all the major brands today have 3D glasses for children.
You must check this factor before you decide which 3D HDTV you buy. It’s because maybe your children will headache from it.

Have their own 3D glasses
3D active glasses are quite expensive. When children handle things, those things tend to break, get lost, and get damaged. It is better that they will have 3D glasses of their own to use.

Rechargeable 3D active glasses
Children maybe will more often watch films. Or maybe they will forget to turn off the 3D glasses. So the battery will be a needed every week. On some 3D glasses is written that they can hold up to 80 hours, but sure enough children will forget to turn them off, and new batteries will be needed.

3D glasses should fit with the children
Children maybe will play a game with their 3D glasses. If it is not fit with them maybe the 3D glasses will fall of more easily and they will not enjoy 3D so much.

Children 3D glasses in some brands come in different colors
if you have more than one child at home, it is wise to order two colors so they can differ the two pairs and each have his own pair to use and take care of.

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