Rethink about a neutral density filter on your camera!

Are you a professional cameraman? Must be familiar with a neutral density filter! Or maybe you have to use it as your camera for this outfit? For the professional, this camera outfit is very much appreciated its existence, but not by amateurs. Filter is more familiarly called ND filters are usually not appreciated its existence, because of the impact generated by the filter is not as splashy and flashy as the other filters. ND filter does not give effect to the stars, shades or many other striking effects like another outfit, but why the professionals are fond of this filter? Here we will discuss it further.

The main core of the Neutral Density (ND) filter is to reduce the amount of light that will enter into the sensors / film. With the decreasing amount of light available, the exposure time will be made much longer than the default settings.

Neutral Density Filter is composed of various types, usually referred to as the exposure and the following factors among others:
● 2x one stop
● 4x two stops
● 8x three stops
● 64x six stops
● 1024x ten stops (Lee Big Stopper region) Continue reading “Rethink about a neutral density filter on your camera!”