diy coloring pages for kids with Rainbow Pen

Rainbow Coloring Pen

today I’m going to show you how to turn these coloring pens into a rainbow pen

you can make one which works this way around or from red through to violet a rainbow is made up of seven colors red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet and they merge from one into another my indigo and violet pens might not be quite right but they’ll be fine for what we want to do we’re going to be transferring the colors from one pen to another by holding the nibs together like this and as a result some of these colors will get produced automatically as the colors merge so for example the red and yellow will mix to make orange so we won’t actually need to use this pen the yellow and blue will mix to make green so we won’t need this pen either we won’t be needing two blue pens so I’ll remove one and we’re left with these four colors and we’re going to start off with our violet pen although you might say it’s more purple these pens have got a thin nib on one side and a thick nib on the other you could use either but I’m going to be using the thick nibs next take your blue pen remove the lid and hold the nib on top of the violet pen like this although you can’t see it at the moment

it’s actually transferring color from the blue pen onto the violet nib I held mine on there for at least 10 seconds then take your yellow pen and do exactly the same again this time you can see how the color has transferred onto the nib and finally take your red pen and repeat the process this time I only held on there for a few seconds and if we look closely on the nib we can see the colors merge from one to the other the Pens now ready to use take some paper and try it out as you use it the color slowly changes from red all the way through to violet pretty cool huh you can recharge your pen over and over to do the same again I’ve sped up the articles so you can see it a bit quicker the color goes from red through to orange then you can see the yellow coming through followed by the green then quite a dark blue followed by the purple which we’re calling indigo and violet like the rainbow and if you like you can even use your pen for drawing rainbow colored lines like these

or you could use it for writing you can also start with the red pen as your base pen transfer some yellow then blue and violet to make a pen which colors the other way round violet all the way through to red and here’s the first way round as I mentioned at the beginning it even works with a thin nib it really is great fun to play around with and it can keep children entertained for hours each time you do it the color spectrum comes out a bit differently or you could try making up your own color combinations if you want to clean off any contamination from your pens just keep drawing with them I’ll clean them with some kitchen paper I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this articles if you want to see any more like this you can click on the links on the right hand side or take a look at my youtube channel page stay safe have fun and as always thanks for watching